Saturday, January 30, 2010

KidzEyes - A Great Safe Site for Great Kids!

I'm not sure how many of you have kids between the ages 6-12, but about a year ago I found this great kids panel site called KidzEyes. And we love it. So far my son has earned 5,400 KidzPoints which equals out to $54 dollars. Which by the way, we just redeemed and received a check in the mail.

Every 100 KidzPoints is equal to $1 and you can cash out as early as 1000 KidzPoints which would be $10. My son chose to wait because he wanted the pot to grow so to speak. And of course after redeeming, he was finally able to buy the New Super Mario Brothers game for the Wii which he had been wanting for a while now.

The way he earned the money was for doing simple surveys that are geared toward kids his age. For instance, there was a Lunch Survey, a Sweet Snacks Survey, Food Character Survey, and a Spy Toy Survey just to name a few. The surveys come a few times a month so it's not overwhelming for kids. And some are constructed just for the child, some for the parent or guardian, and some are for both to take part in. Just yesterday I received a survey for myself to do called the Mom Shopping Survey. I like this because this site not only involves my son but myself as well. Also, along with monthly surveys, KidzEyes also sends out its KidzEyes SuperPoll survey every month as well. Taking part in this survey enters your child into the KidzEyes sweepstakes where they could win cool prizes!

As for how the surveys get to my son, well right now, even though he could use his own email address, I have them coming straight to my email. But that is only because he really has no interest in using his own at the moment. But this works out fine for the both of us. This is another benefit I like about KidzEyes because your child does not need to have his or her own email address to join. But if they do use their own, no matter what, KidzEyes will always let you, the parent or guardian, know that your child has just received an email to participate in a survey. So you are ALWAYS in the know. Another benefit about this site is that KidzEyes requires parental consent for your child to join.

KidzEyes is a great safe way for your kids to make a little extra cash while feeling like their opinions count. If you have any questions or concerns about the site you should check out KidzEyes FAQ's. Loads of questions, lots of answers. I highly recommend KidzEyes for your child.

If you'd like to join, here is my son's referral link: Thanks for reading.

KidzEyes Privacy and Safety Policy
KidzEyes Membership Agreement

For those of you with kids between the ages of 13-18, KidzEyes has a sister site called TeensEyes. For more information and how to join, please visit their site at Both KidzEyes and TeenEyes are owned and operated by C&R Research Services, Inc., a marketing research company, located at 500 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL. You can visit their website at

The opinions express in this post are solely my own. KidzEyes did provide me with the referral link to pass on to my friends which I have used throughout this post. For every registration completed using this link my son will receive 250 KidzPoints. If you prefer not to use my sons referral link and still want to join then you can visit KidzEyes at and click on New Members. KidzEyes is a U.S. based panel only.

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