Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Sending out a Double Birthday Wish to two cuties this month.
My Nephew Daniel & Little Miss Emma.

Dear Daniel,
Wow! Today you are turning 5-years-old. The third child, middle boy, in a family of 5 boys. Not only a little brother but a big brother as well. You're not a little guy anymore. You've gotten so big as I've watched you grow over the years. Big in heart and big in spirit. Learning so much about so much and having so much fun while do so. Your love for the Lord amazes me every day. And your excitement even for the littlest of things always brings a joy to my heart and a smile to my face. You are so loved and I'm so glad to be your Auntie. I wish you the happiest of birthdays ever.

Dearest Little Miss Emma,
I remember seeing you in the hospital for the first time. Born 5 weeks early and so small. Now look at you. You're turning 4-years-old. Such a big girl now and a wonderful big sister and friend. I see the Lord shining through you with every smile and every giggle. You are a light that warms my heart. So precious and most beautiful from the inside out. You are also so loved and I'm glad to be called your Auntie. I wish you the sweetest of birthdays ever Little Miss Emma. Sweeter than the frosting on your own birthday cake.

May the Lord Bless you both on your newest of adventures and journey through life. May He keep you safe and well. And may His love shine through you both always.

Love you so much,

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