Friday, June 5, 2009

I Love to Shop at My Local Goodwill

I don't know what it is about the Goodwill Store in my area but I just love to shop there. Is it the bargains they offer on gently used to even brand new clothes. Or their wide selection of products from clothing and toys all the way to appliances, books, and furniture. Whatever the reason may be, I know that when I shop there I am not only getting a bargain for my family but I am also helping out my community and others in need.

Did you know that more than 84% of Goodwill’s total revenues are used to fund education and career services, and other critical community programs. Whether shopping online at or in one of their over 2,200 store locations, you just know you are doing something good for your community and that is a wonderful feeling.

And Goodwill has some great finds. Just last week I bought 5 short sleeve shirts that were from "The Children's Place". Two of them were brand new and the other 3 were so gently used that the only way I could tell they had been worn was by looking at the slightly worn label in the collar of the shirts. I paid $1.25 for each shirt. Amazing. I also got a pair of brand new, tags still on the item, Lee Husky Jeans for $2.00. Another amazing find.

So if you haven't tried shopping at Goodwill, I highly recommend you stop by your local store and check it out. Not only will you find a wonderful bargain for you and your family but you will be helping out your community as well.

If your not interested in shopping, but would like to help in some way, then think about making a donation of clothing or other items. Or maybe even volunteering some of your time. Every little bit helps toward the support of the communities we live in.

Check out the Goodwill Locator to help find the store nearest you and give back to your community today.

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