Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Finally Figured It Out!!

Okay so anyhow, for the past month or so (being new to blogging) I have been trying to add a navigation bar with tabs to my blog. I did a few searches for info and tried a couple of different things but I just couldn't figure it out at all. I tried doing it this way, and that way, even got to the point of having a few navigational heads at the top of my page but nothing seemed to be working out right. I was getting to the point of frustration. lol

So now, after spending a little bit of time on it yesterday, I finally figured it out. The ironic thing about it all was that it wasn't that difficult at all. Ugh!! When following the step by step instructions from the Blog Doctor's article. . . Free CSS Navigation Menus in Blogger. . . it was a breeze. I have to say that I even surprised myself. So if you find yourself new to blogging. This site is definitely a good place to start.

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